Useful Information for Cycling

Useful Information for Cycling

Useful Information for Cycling
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This is a collection of information about the cycling environment and helpful services available for beginner cyclists who aim to complete the course while having fun. It also offers an introduction to initiatives that are unique to Ehime Prefecture, which is known as a “cycling paradise” thanks to its efforts toward promoting the use of bicycles.

Cycle Oasis are full featured rest areas especially for cyclists.

There are over 400 Cycle Oasis rest areas for cyclists in Ehime Prefecture. Cycle Oasis feature essential facilities for your cycling, including free air for your tires, water (drinking water including tap water), bathrooms, rest facilities, and useful information on cycling. Look for this mark.

Cycle Oasis

Visit Cycle Rescue when you have trouble on your trip

Look for the Cycle Rescue logo when you have trouble on your trip.
There are also businesses that will give you transportation to and from bicycle shops and handle simple repairs such as flat tires.

Cycle Rescue

E-Bikes are an easy way for beginners to enjoy cycling.

E-bikes are sports models of electric assist bicycles that help you enjoy long distances and hills more comfortably. We recommend them for those who want to try the challenge of cycling on the Shimanami Kaido but are not sure if they have the strength and endurance. They can be ridden by cyclists of all ages.

E-BIKE Action Ehime


Information is provided primarily for beginners on cycling related events and the cycling lifestyle. *Japanese Only


Visit Ehime

Official Site of Tourism in Ehime, Japan. Includes Dogo ancient spa resort, Matsuyama, Uchiko, Shimanami Sea Route and more to visit, and local products, events and travel reviews.

Visit Ehime

Basic Cycling Tips to Make Your Trip to Matsuyama and the Dogo Onsen More Enjoyable!

Matsuyama, situated in the middle of Ehime Prefecture, is a popular destination for tourists with Matsuyama Castle, great dining, and the Dogo Onsen which is said to have a 3,000 year history. The area is also known as the location for the novel “Botchan” by Natsume Sōseki.

Bus and trolley service is available within the Matsuyama city center and is used by many tourists, but adding bicycles to that mix is sure to make any trip even more enjoyable.

To that end, we interviewed mountain bike rider and athlete Yasuaki Nishiyama, born and raised in Matsuyama, to learn about why Matsuyama and the Dogo Onsen should be enjoyed by bicycle, things to watch out for when riding, and hole-in-the-wall destinations only the locals know about.


Cycling the Shimanami Kaido—Tips from a cyclist with a decade of local guiding experience

The Shimanami Kaido cycling road runs between Onomichi City in Hiroshima Prefecture and Imabari City in Ehime Prefecture, roaming over six bridge-linked islands in the Seto Inland Sea. Winning a name for itself with its picturesque archipelago scenery, gourmet cuisine, and well-maintained path, it’s a holy grail for cycling enthusiasts, selected by America’s CNN travel information website as one of the “Seven Best Bike Routes in the World.”

However, when it comes to actually visiting, there are no doubt many things you would like to know in advance, such as what level of cycling ability you need to finish the trail and which spots are not to be missed.

That’s why we talked to Kazunari Utsunomiya, who has worked as a Shimanami Kaido guide for over 10 years and is involved in developing the cycling trip itineraries. We asked him for tips on completing the Seto Inland Sea crossing and where we should stop off on the way.


Cycling in the COVID-19 pandemic—Five elements of riding etiquette

The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing us to change the way we cycle. Since June 2020, Ehime prefecture, home to a large number of scenic cycling spots—including the world-renowned Shimanami Kaido—has been promoting and educating cyclists with our Safe Cycling campaign that sets out etiquette for preventing infection.

What exactly do we need to do to enjoy cycling, which keeps us fit and relaxed, while still prioritizing safety? We talk to Ehime local, Yoshikazu Kawakami, who worked on putting together the Safe Cycling campaign, and Makoto Ayano, editor-in-chief of Cyclowired, an informational website for cycling fans, about Safe Cycling content, and cycling etiquette in a COVID-19 world.


Cycling on the Shimanami Kaido for Beginners. Enjoy the rare views on an E-Bike!

The Shimanami Kaido is a sought after route for any cyclist, whether pro or amateur and whether they’re from Japan or overseas. However, there is a huge difference in elevation between the island routes and the bridges connecting them, so those lacking in physical strength or suffering from a lack of exercise might find them to be a bit of a challenge.

For people in those categories, this article will tell you how to enjoy the Shimanami Kaido as a beginner using an e-bike, a sports bike with integrated motor assistance which can be rented at Sunrise Itoyama, the starting point of the Shimanami Kaido on the Ehime side.

Our guide for the article will be Arashi Murakami, head of the consolidated cyclist support facility Wakka located in Omishima, one of the top tourist destinations on the Shimanami Kaido. This article is a must read for those who wish to challenge the Shimanami Kaido or those who want to try out their first sports bicycle.


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If you’re thinking about cycling the Shimanami Kaido, check out our “Shimanimi Cycling” page!

Cycling Infomation

Plenty of information to help with cycling in Ehime!

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