Just For Fun(For beginners) Just For Fun(For beginners)

Just For Fun

For beginners

Just For Fun

This is the recommended level if you want to give a cycling tour a try for the first time. Taking a cycling tour through Ehime Prefecture is full of attractions. You can rent a bicycle or e-bike to ride the Shimanami Kaido and visit many tourist destinations efficiently. Here we introduce cycling routes that are enjoyable by those who are not confident in their physical strength, making them ideal for taking a trip with friends or family.

For You !

An efficient solo trip
An efficient solo trip

If you already use a bicycle on a daily basis, you should certainly make use of one on your trip as well. You can enjoy exploring out of the way places that you would normally pass by in a car or by train, and need not worry about train and bus time tables. Bicycles give you great mobility, so you can enjoy your trip efficiently.

A trip with your partner or friend
A trip with your partner or friend

The number of places you want to visit often goes up when you travel with your partner or close friend. The bicycle is the perfect ride for making sure your appetite for sightseeing is satiated. There are places to rent bicycles throughout Ehime prefecture, and particularly on the islands along the Shimanami Kaido. You can combine bicycles with other forms of transportation, such as trains, buses, and ferries, to extend your trip to those out of the way places not normally visited.

A trip with your family
A trip with your family

Why not add some cycling to your family trip? Roads in Ehime Prefecture feature a blue line on the side to mark dedicated bicycle lanes, so you can ride safely without getting lost. While you need to pace yourselves according to the distance you want to travel, the sense of achievement you will have when your family reaches the goal together is sure to make for a vacation memory you will never forget.

* We recommend reserving your rental bicycles in advance when you have a large group of people.
* Rental bicycles are also available for children to use, but they are limited to children old enough to use the bicycles safely and correctly.

Digest Video

Notice:This video shooting with special permission. Follow the rules on public roads.

Cycling Tips

If you’re thinking about cycling the Shimanami Kaido, check out our “Shimanimi Cycling” page!

Cycling Infomation

Plenty of information to help with cycling in Ehime!

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